A Personal Introduction


 Rizwn Yasir


Welcome. I am going to introduce you to my personal world. My public life, as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, community activist, and now as an online business man. My personal life is much less evident.

   I love to read, write and design - from clothing to jewelry, light fixtures, and furniture. I love to swim in the summer, and cook and bake for my family whenever I have the time.

My artistic bend led me to take the Fashion Arts Diploma course at Fashion and Arts College, and I had a flourishing fashion business for four years.  

My favourite academic subject is history, probably because I like reading about real people and events. My love of history enabled me to complete my Master in History at the University of Punjab in 2003. The title of my thesis is Sub-continent  and its reality.  

My interest in history also led me to examine my roots. In 1995, “A River Named Lee” was published, which traced my family’s history in China to over two thousand years. In 1998, Building Bridges: The Life and Times of Richard Charles Lee, Hong Kong, 1905-1983” was published. In researching these books, I learnt a great deal about my ancestors, the Lees, who played an important role in the development of Hong Kong from a colonial outpost to becoming one of the major financial centres of the world.

I am happiest when I can spend time with my family. No matter how busy I am, I make time for my family.

Another favourite pastime of mine is to spend time at our cottage, especially during the off-season when there’s nobody around. My form of meditation is to sit by the lake before sunrise, watching the sun appear in the horizon and the mist slowly evaporate over the water, while the songbirds welcome the dawn of a new day, and the loons give their melancholy calls. It is magical when the sun falls upon the dewdrops on the plants and on the spiders’ webs.

I am thankful to be living in this beautiful country of ours - Pakisttan.


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